Football tickets during Reunion weekend available!

This year, we will offer a block of 30 tickets. Each ticket is $75. Tickets should first be sold to those who are physically unable to march, plus a guest. Alums who are marching on August 31st can purchase ONE ticket for a guest. Thank you for your help with this! Registration opens the first week in July!

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  1. Rodene Essman-Brchan says:

    I am physically unable to march and this is the first year my husband could attend with me to help me attend the game. I would like to get two tickets so I can attend the reunion game.

    • Nicole C says:

      We look forward to having you join us for the game! Registration will open at the end of this month, so be sure to get on right away to order your two tickets!

  2. Jerry M says:

    Will the band be sitting on the East sideline, North 30/35-ish yardline … like recent reunions?

    Do you have details on where the block of seats for guests, will be? Section & rows?

    Thanks for the info.


    GO BAND!!

  3. Nicole C says:

    Yes, the band sits on the East sideline near the band. The Athletic Department is kind to continue to allow us to join a game for our reunion!

    The block of guest seats are usually in the south stadium and we should have details about their exact location in August.

    Thanks, Jerry!

  4. Michelle Bittner says:

    I was wondering if the UNL band alumni would like to purchase a record album set I inherited. It’s very cool and in great shape. It’s called “ON PARADE-University of Nebraska Band. It was processed and Pressed by RCA VICTOR AND PRODUCED AND PUBLISHED BY RECORDED PUBLICATIONS CO. It is the first record collection ever made by UNL band. The conductor was Donald A. Lentz, R.O.T.C. Band. Feel free to call or text at 402-730-9280. Thanks, Michelle

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