Friday, August 23rd, 2024

NO late registrations will be accepted. NO walk-ins are allowed, and NO phone reservations will be taken. Because of security concerns with the handling and safety of money on game day, we will not accept payment when you arrive.

PLEASE don’t miss your chance to participate by missing the deadline! The deadline is not just for us, but for all departments involved in the planning and preparation of this reunion. The deadline is necessary for processing all memberships and reunion registrations as well as printing our field passes. We also must meet a deadline with the Band Office for the arrangement of music and charting of marching members and with the Athletic Department to ensure we have enough seating on the sideline for the game. NO WALK-IN OR LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

All alumni who register to attend the reunion will receive an e-mail confirmation with the schedule and exact times one week prior to the reunion weekend. It will also be posted on our website.