There are five positions for the Board of Directors. Each Board Member is a Charter, Life or Succeeding-paid Member of the Band Alumni Association. Each member serves a three-year term in office. At the end of the term, the Board Member may be re-elected by the voting members of the Band Alumni Association to fulfill another term.

All of our board members and officers are volunteers and do not receive compensation for their work.

Elected Board of Directors

Julie Duensing

Board of Directors, 2022-2024

Alto Sax, 1986-1990

About Me Now: I teach 5th grade band at Cavett Elementary and assist with 6th grade lessons/band at Scott Middle School. My daughter Jessie is in her 2nd year in the CMB and my son is an aspiring chef at The Lodge at Wilderness Ridge. When I am teaching or spending time with my kids, I am at home with my dog Jazz. When I retire, I would like to volunteer to travel and rescue dogs.

Favorite memory: All of the beautiful and fun places we were able to travel to, doing what we love to do! Bonus: WITH 200+ of our friends!

Why I serve: This has evolved over the years. At the beginning, it was because I simply loved the band and its people. As I continued to age, I enjoyed hearing the stories of the older generations and the younger kids that came into the fold. Now….this year with Jessie being in CMB,  I want to serve as part of my legacy to her and her future generations.

person playing trombone

Dan Iverson

Board of Directors, 2022-2024

Trombone, 2015-2020

About Me Now: I am originally from Rapid City, South Dakota where I attended Stevens High School. I received my bachelor’s in music education in 2020 and got a job teaching in Lincoln Public Schools right after graduation. I am the Orchestra/Assistant Band Director at Lincoln North Star High School and an Adjunct Instructor of Music at Nebraska Wesleyan University. When I’m not teaching, I like to make music in the community by playing with the Lincoln Community Concert Band, Lincoln Civic Orchestra, and various other groups. At the end of the day, I hang out with my 3 dogs: Spartacus, Leonidas, and Sylvi.  

Favorite Memory: The first time I marched pre-game was my first ever Husker game ever! Within the first few counts of pregame, my dot gave me a 360-degree view of the stadium. I couldn’t believe there were 90,000 people cheering along. I’ve made so many friends and memories along the way, but nothing will ever compare to that first double time. 

Why I Serve: Band has given me more than I could ever imagine. By staying involved, I can give back to this wonderful organization and share in the tradition that connects thousands of people.

Ranelle Maltas

Board of Directors, 2024-2026

Flagline, 1987-1991
Vice President of Technology with National Association of Alumni Bands

Favorite show: the Swing show my freshman year. We performed it at the Fiesta Bowl, too.

Favorite memory #1:  Standing on the field at attention during band camp and realizing the people around me cared as much about marching band as I did. I found my “people.” They are still some of my best friends today. I also met and married my best friend, Bill Maltas (alto sax). We have two boys, Ian and Zane. Ian played trombone for the CMB and is one of the 2021 and 2022 Drum Majors.

Favorite memory #2:  Looking out into the stadium from the tunnel that first game. It was my first Husker game ever. It was awe-inspiring.

Why I serve: I serve on the Board because I believe we are continuing to build life-long memories and friendships for the current band and our alumni. I got so much from being a member of the band, I want to give back. I have made many new friends from being on the Board with different people and have gotten to know many other new alumni from different eras.

Amy Pettit

Board of Directors, 2024-2026

Piccolo, 2010-2014

About me now: I currently work as the front of house manager at a local bakery and coffee shop in West Omaha called Whisk + Measure. I love working there and can’t imagine being anywhere else! For a little something extra, I also do in-home dog and cat sitting for folks when they travel out of town. I try to help gain more followers on our social media and do whatever else I can to help the board. 

My band story: I started with the CMB and BRE my freshman year. A couple of the piccolos on the leadership team my freshman year were part of the KKPsi leadership and recruited me later that year. My Junior year I went on to be a rank leader and my Senior and “Super-Senior” years I was the Piccolo section leader. Since 99% of my extra-curricular activities were band-related in college, sometimes I wonder what in the world I would have done had I not been lucky enough to be involved in band. 

Favorite Memories: The first double-time & strut onto the field & that first turn where I looked up into the stands to play and there were 90,000 people standing and watching and cheering! The Hail-Mary catch against Northwestern is still one of my favorite sports-ball moments to have experienced. Almost every experience traveling with the band stands out. Too many memories with dear friends from band to narrow down.

Why I Serve: Serving the UNL bands as a member of Kappa Kappa Psi brought me great joy and close friendships and I hope that I can continue to serve the current students by doing my part on the band alumni board.

Chuck Teutsch

Board of Directors, 2024-2026

Tenor Sax, Snare Drum, head Drum Major 1969-1973

About me now:  After teaching band for 11 years in southwest Iowa, I got a chance to move to the business side of the school band world, and since then I’ve logged about 2 million miles seeing my band directors every week.  I manage the music store in Creston, Iowa where I live with my wife, Sue.  We have two children and two grandsons not far away.  I’m very active in music at church, still playing the same tenor sax in our praise band as I did in the CMB! 

My band story:  I showed up for auditions as a freshman music major with one broken finger in a splint, but Jack Snider let me in anyway!  In my junior year, I moved to the drum line when a late vacancy opened in the snare drum section.  I must not have been very good, because the next spring, Jack suggested that I audition for drum major. 

Favorite Memories:  Watching the 1970-71 National Championship seasons unfold right in front of our eyes! Traveling with the band to the 1971 “Game of the Century” in Norman, OK, as well as all the other Big 8 stadiums!

Fun Fact:  I lived in all-male Abel Hall for all four years, and seeing Johnny Rodgers coming down the hall to the showers with only a towel over his shoulder was quite a sight!

Why I serve:  I was privileged to be one of “Jack’s Boys”, the 180-member all-male band led by the late Jack Snider.  I hope future generations get as much out of band as I did, and I’m privileged to work with the BAA Board to help support the current UNL Bands!

The elected Board Members appoint each of the Officers to serve an unlimited term. The original and required offices include President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Executive Secretary-General Manager, and Treasurer. Additional offices have been added to meet our growing needs.


Steve Pearson


Alto Sax, 1987-1991

About me now: I’m the Event Services Manager for the Lied Center for Performing Arts, where I’ve worked since 2010. In my role with the BAA, I’m is in charge of securing venues for our Friday night dinner and post-game party, making catering arrangements for the dinner, arranging speakers for the dinner, and providing leadership on issues throughout the year as directed by the board. 

My Band Story: I played in the men’s basketball pep ban from the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1992. I was a member of both the Misty’s and Grandmother’s pep bands. I’m married to fellow band alum Liz Whitney Pearson (Trombone 1987-1989) and we have a daughter, Ava.

Frank Stroup

Vice President

Trumpet, 2010-2014

Favorite show: It’s a tie between a dance show we did in 2010 and a soul/funk show we did in 2013. In the dance show I got to be Beyoncé in the center of 3 people doing the “Single Ladies” Dance! In 2013, we played “When a Man Loves a Woman” in the style of  the 1992 Blue Devils, and I got to play the 4 person trumpet soli with some awesome A Rank friends.

My favorite part of game day: I love interacting with all of the fans, especially  young band kids who are excited to play in the CMB some day! Play a C#!

Why I serve: I love the tradition that the CMB represents, and I’m happy to have an active role in keeping those traditions alive as well as blazing opportunities for new traditions to be established. Alumni weekends are a neat time when those traditions can intersect and members of all ages interact. GBR!

Pam Kunzman

Membership Coordinator

Tenor Sax, 1977-1981

About me now:  I retired in 2022 from the Nebraska State Patrol where I served as Technology Division Commander.  Prior to that I worked for Anne Carlsen Center, Doane College and Ameritas in a variety of leadership and technology positions. I am married and have 2 daughters.

My band story: When I was in 6th grade, I watched my neighbor leave his house on game days in his CMB uniform – it was such a fancy uniform!  I loved to watch the band in parades and knew that I would be part of that band someday.  At that time, it was an all-male band, but by the time I graduated high school, women were allowed.  I was so excited when that dream came true.  The CMB was my social network, academic study groups, support group, and family. My best college memories are band memories.

Favorite Memories: My first game, looking up at the crowd before pre-game run-on.  The rush I felt seeing 76,000 fans cheering as we ran onto the field.  The win over Oklahoma in 1978 when the fans rushed on the field as we played post game; the goal posts came down and we paraded down O Street, following the goal posts.  Saxophone rank parties, and of course, the band trips for away games and bowl games.  Making life-time friends.

Why I serve: Marching band was a very important part of my college experience.  I look forward to our reunion every year and have missed attending only twice since 1982.   We are very fortunate that we can participate in the half-time show, so I want to do my part to facilitate the reunion, to help raise money and support for the band program to ensure that this great tradition continues.

Nikki Csipkes

Executive Secretary/General Manager

Pit Percussion/Drumline, 2000-2004

About me now: I’m teaching in the Papillion La Vista school district. I’ve taught general music and 6-8 grade band. Currently I’m teaching 6th grade beginning band. I’m married with twins.

My band story: I never thought I would be in the CMB, because I was an oboe player and had just played cymbals for one year in high school before becoming drum major. However, the CMB started the pit percussion section my senior year of high school, so I auditioned and made it! I had a blast and stayed in the pit all five year of college, becoming section leader of the pit for the last three years I was there. I even got to play cymbals at the Pitt away game my last year, which was very memorable! 

Other fun memories: The Rose Bowl in January 2002- what an experience to fly to California with the band and team and march in the Rose Parade! 

Why I serve: I have served in three positions on the BAA board- Recording Secretary, Vice President, and now General Manager. The CMB meant a lot to me in college and I want to ensure that the program continues to thrive so that new members of the CMB can have the best experience possible as well!

Carissa Birznieks


Drumline/Front Ensemble, 2011-2014

About me now: A few years after graduating from UNL, I moved to Denver, Colorado to get my master’s degree in Human Anatomy. I now work at Children’s Hospital Colorado as a clinical research manager and oversee multiple research studies trying to understand how kidney disease develops in kids with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

In my role with the BAA, I manage all the finances of the organization, plan out the annual budget, and make sure that your dues and fees go to supporting University of Nebraska band programs and alumni events!

My band story: My parents are originally from Nebraska, and my mom was a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band in the 1980’s and used to tell me all of her marching band stories when I was a kid growing up. I knew I wanted the same college experience, so after finishing high school on the east coast, I moved across the country to attend college at UNL and auditioned for the same band she had played in almost 30 years earlier!! I loved every second of being a member of the CMB, and joined Kappa Kappa Psi my freshman year to continue to serve the University of Nebraska band programs even during the off-season!

Favorite Band Memory: In 2012 we traveled to Michigan for our away game, came back to Lincoln and left a few weeks later for the Big 10 Championship game, came back, performed Highlights concert, and two weeks later left for Florida for the Bowl Game!

Why I Serve: I love serving the Band Alumni Association because the Cornhusker Marching Band contributed so significantly to my time at UNL in the friendships made, lessons learned, and amazing experiences that I had. I am so proud to be a part of an organization that allows me to give back and help continue to serve the University of Nebraska bands, even as an alumna.

Molly Boyd

Recording Secretary

Alto Sax, 2002-2006

About me now: I work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources Dean’s Office. On the board, I record and report minutes for all meetings and help out with events throughout the year.

My band story: My dad and love of music are the reasons I joined the marching band. My dad played alto sax in the marching band and he would always return for Band Alumni Day. I remember going with him to one of those days my senior year in high school, seeing the band on the field, and thinking next year that is going to be me. I did not go to UNL my freshman year, but because they let in students from other colleges back then, I was able to attend Nebraska Wesleyan and audition (and join!) the CMB. I transferred to UNL the following year, and marching band had a lot to do with it. My favorite show was my first one when we played the music of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I was not familiar with this band, but the music was memorable and fun to play. Marching band was my favorite class, and I met so many new friends because of it. Now dad and I come back every year for Band Alumni Day to play, march, and see old friends.

Why I serve: I currently serve as the recording secretary for the BAA. Having the chance to be a part of and serve something I care about so much helps satisfy my love of music and marching band camaraderie.

Elizabeth Chase


Piccolo, 1988-1994

About me now: I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in art history in 1994 and my master’s degree in community and regional planning in 2000 from UNL. I am currently the Executive Director of the Nebraska Main Street Network and have been a part of that organization since 1997. We work with Nebraska communities statewide to create economic vitality in downtown business districts and neighborhoods through historic preservation and by working with small businesses and communities. I am also the Executive Secretary for the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society. We work to preserve and share the legacy and literature of Nebraska Sandhills author, teacher, and historian, Mari Sandoz. I have been a lover of history and architecture since I was a child. To help others preserve their history and share it both professionally and as a volunteer on the BAA Board is rewarding.  In my spare time I like to travel, read, and play golf.

My band story:  I was involved in numerous ways throughout my time with the CMB.  In addition to being a member of the piccolo section, I was a music copyist and music librarian for the marching band, pep bands, wind ensemble and concert band. I also helped with odd jobs in the band office along with several other cohorts. I was also a member and officer in Gamma Lambda.

Favorite memory: Seeing my name on the roster the Sunday of cuts was probably my most vivid memory. It was difficult at the time to grasp the magnitude of making a long-time dream come true. Obviously, the pre-game run on is near the top of the list of memories as well (who doesn’t have that as their #1 memory of being part of the Marching Red?).  Another favorite memory of mine was the Fiesta Bowl parade in Phoenix ‘89-’90. Seeing my Arizona family along the route cheering us on. It was special to be able to share my band experience with close family members who live in Phoenix and who would not otherwise have the chance to see me march in Lincoln.

Favorite memory: Seeing my name on the roster the Sunday of cuts. Not believing I was making a long-time dream come true. Obviously the pre-game run on is highly memorable too (who doesn’t have that as their #1 memory of being part of the Marching Red?). Another favorite memory was the Fiesta Bowl parade in Phoenix ‘89-’90 and seeing my family along the route cheering us on. It was special to be able to share my band experience with close family members who live in Phoenix and who would not otherwise have the chance to see me march in Lincoln.

Why I serve: Because I want to give back to something that gave me so much.

Website Host
Jeff DeLong (Horn/Drumline, 1988-1992)