Purpose of the BAA:

  1. To foster a fraternal spirit among all alumni of the Bands of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
  2. To promote in all lawful ways, the activities, health and general welfare of the Bands of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
  3. To have and exercise all lawful powers necessary or convenient to effect the forgoing two purposes for which the corporation is organized, and to provide for the general welfare of the corporation.

On May 1, 1974, 217 members of the UNL Band program came together to form the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Band Alumni Association, Inc. (BAA). The BAA was formed for a dual purpose to establish resources for both long and short term projects for the benefit of the UNL Bands and to assist the Cornhusker Marching Band in raising funds for a three-week European tour in 1974. Both efforts were supported by Director of Bands, Jack Snider and Director of Bands Emeritus, Donald Lentz. The original Charter Member fee of $10 was collected from each of the 217 charter members with half the proceeds going in the Band European fund.

The first reunion was held September 27-28, 1974. This first reunion included the annual business meeting, lunch with the band and attendance at the football game. The first appearance of the Alumni Band came at the second reunion, held September 19-20, 1975, with 120 in attendance.