Registration Opens Soon/Alumni Instruments Repaired!

NU Band Alumni,

Registration is coming! We are working on final adjustments to the registration site and we hope to have that up and ready for you within the week!

Changes to be aware of:

  • Uniform is now black shorts/pants with a red shirt and any comfortable shoes (no flip flops, please)!
  • Post game party will be held at the Student Union this year from 3-6 p.m. We are looking into a taco bar!

We are so fortunate to be able to provide some instruments to our alums for reunion weekend. These instruments  are used year after year and require maintenance such as removing dents, oiling slides and valves, replacing/repairing pads, etc. We want to ensure that the instruments remain in good working condition so that each year we have as many available as needed for alums to borrow in order to participate in the marching portion of the reunion weekend.

Currently, we charge $15/rental. On average, we rent 35 instruments per reunion weekend. We went ahead and repaired/cleaned all alumni instruments this summer- thanks, Palmer Music! The total cost of this project was just under $5300. We would like to keep these instruments in good working condition as well as keep the rental cost at $15/instrument. Therefore, we would like to ask you all for additional donations for this substantial cost. You can send a check to us (PO Box 6266 Lincoln, NE 68506) or when you register for reunion weekend, donate in the “other” category and write in “instrument repair fund”. We would greatly appreciate it!

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2 Responses to Registration Opens Soon/Alumni Instruments Repaired!

  1. dwight overturf,rph (60-64)....Vietnam era vet also says:

    Any feedback on how this starting the day ,Sat,Sep 14 ,at 6AM for practice from those coming?It almost sounds like early morning military basic training.Oh well,we will rebound “with enthusiasm”.

    • Nicole C says:

      Yes, we are at the mercy of the Athletic Department as well as the CMB’s schedule. We’ll just have to make the most of the early start to our day!

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