Alumni Band Uniform Change!

After speaking with many alumni during and after the game this year, we have decided to make a slight change to the alumni band uniform. Red shirts are still a must, but we’re going to require black shorts or pants (skirts or skorts are fine, too). Footwear must be a comfortable, athletic shoe, but does not necessarily need to be white (no flip flops, please). We hope you are already making plans to come back for the 2018 Alumni Reunion! We will let you know in late January/early February what game the Athletic and Band Departments decide upon!


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5 Responses to Alumni Band Uniform Change!

  1. Larry Moeller says:

    Black is quite heat absorbent……….but let’s give it a try. IF the Blackshirts aren’t doing well, the Blackshorts WILL !!!!

    • Nicole C says:

      Thanks! Yes, that’s what we are doing- giving it a try and moving towards uniformity between CMB casual uniform and ours. We think black will match better than khaki. Shorts are definitely still an option if pants are too uncomfortable in the heat.

  2. Beth Yorkb says:

    Thanks for letting us know early!

  3. Mark Mesarch says:

    Seriously? Black? In the sun? On usually one of the hottest games of the year. Not a fan of this decision.

    • Nicole C says:

      The CMB wears black pants with red polos as their casual uniform. It is more uniform than khaki, and matches better. Black shorts are completely acceptable to wear! We realize we won’t make everyone happy, but we want to make this change to match the current CMB’s casual uniform.

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