Band Alumni Shirts Available to Order

NOW AVAILABLE for a short time only!

The Band Alumni Association’s online apparel store is now open from November 10-22 to ensure you receive your shirt before the holidays. Once the store is closed, it’s closed, so don’t wait to order! New this year is a t-shirt and hoodie with the words to Band Song in the shape of Nebraska. Men’s and women’s polos are also available.

Band Song t-shirt, back and front

Band Song t-shirt, back and front

All purchases are between you and ArtFX. The Band Alumni Association is not involved in the purchasing process nor the pick-up/delivery of any merchandise you order. The BAA is not responsible for any part of your purchase.

Shirt options

Shirt options

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4 Responses to Band Alumni Shirts Available to Order

  1. Jennifer Turley says:

    I do not have the option of getting the shirt by the weekend. It’s either shipped to me by September 6th or pick up in October. Was there something I was supposed to indicate in the order to get it by the Reunion?

    • Ranelle Maltas says:

      Although it does say a date that is too late for reunion, ArtFX did let us know they should arrive prior to the weekend. Pick up in Lincoln at ArtFX at 7400 Crosslake Ln would be the week before reunion.

  2. Kevin Kaisershot says:

    I find it somewhat discouraging that I receive this email on Aug. 15 with information (on the Band site) pertaining to purchasing alumni gear showing that the window to order is Aug. 5-12 thereby missing the window.

    I realize that BAA has nothing to do with purchase/delivery etc from ArtFX but can’t there be some better communication with them in terms of a more realistic window of opportunity.

    Like the football team from just a few years ago, someone fumbled on this.

    • Ranelle Maltas says:

      ArtFx does set a small window of time to run orders. With the return of school, they are busy with many orders and try their best to maximize their time spent per printing. The email about ordering shirts was sent when the site went live on August 5th, 2016, at approximately 8:30 AM CDT. We’re sorry to hear you didn’t receive it until August 15.

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