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Late this afternoon we learned that UNL Professor Emeritus of Music Jack Snider passed away at 4:20 PM today. We will post information about funeral arrangements as they become known. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Last month, Jack Snider took a turn for the worse. His son, Bob, and daughter-in-law, Annie are both with him. Jack is sleeping most of the time. Jack’s long term memory is still good.  He is having some trouble swallowing and had pneumonia. The doctors are talking that he has days to weeks left.  Bob is very proud of his Dad and the impact he has had on so many people.

From the 1962 NU Yearbook, the Cornhusker.

From the 1962 NU Yearbook, the Cornhusker.

Jack R. Snider, professor of music emeritus and former director of bands, taught at NU for 36 years. Snider was a founder and the first president of the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association, which gives an annual award in his name. Since retiring in 1986, he has been president of the first advisory board for the College of Fine and Performing Arts, president of Lincoln’s Downtown Kiwanis Club and member of the board of advisers for the Association of Concert Bands of America.

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  1. Larry Moeller says:

    As one of Jack’s Boys (1967-70), I love and respect This MaN, then, now, Always !!!

  2. Sara Witte Addison says:

    I have been dreading getting this kind of news for a while. Jack was my private Horn instructor when I was in high school. Without him, I never would have gone on to play professionally with the U.S. Army. Jack was the director of the CMB when my step-father was a member and my mom was Petie’s hospice nurse. My family hold Jack very close to our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack and his family.

  3. Annabell Blincow Zikmund says:

    Back in the 1950’s when it was not fashionable for women to play brass instruments, I was the only girl in the “Basement Band” trombone section during my music major years at UNL. (A female trombone major came the last year I was there, but she was in the top band.) Jack used to tease me about choosing to play trombone because of all the guys in that section. He was a good teacher, and a good friend.

  4. Mary Garbacz says:

    Jack Snider is truly one of the greatest teachers of all time, and one of the most gracious gentlemen. our prayers truly are with Bob and Annie and their children.

  5. Donald Callen Freed says:

    i sang a recital at the St. Francis Chapel in Lincoln, one of Petie’s last public appearances before hospice. One song, I can’t remember which one, really spoke to her. She and Jack spoke to me about it afterward. I may have forgotten the song, but not the moment.

  6. Matthew Finkner says:

    Teacher, mentor, friend — Jack was the best of these. Most of his great work was done in the background. We will never know how many people he helped and touched in his long career. Godspeed, Jack.

  7. Randy Dinsdale says:

    Jack was a mentor, second father, and a wonderful friend for most of my life. He was supportive in so many ways other than just as a musician. Someone needs to write a book about Jack with a collection of anecdotes. A very thick book.
    Blessings to Bob and his family.

  8. 10/11 News says:

    We’re so very sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Snider. We’ve heard a lot of good things about him. Would it be OK for us to use the image you have of Mr. Snider and some of the posted information on our web channel? Thanks for your time.

    • unlbandalumni says:

      My apologies for the delay in response. Yes, you may. Please credit the image to the 1962 UNL Yearbook, the Cornhusker.

  9. Jill McMaster says:

    Jack was my private teacher from the time I was 12. While it was clear that I would never be a professional horn player, he taught me to love the horn. 50 years later I still play in a community band. He was kind to me as my mother was dying — I will always remember him with the greatest respect.

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