Game Day Schedule

PARKING — It is highly suggested you reserve your space in advance at at any of the downtown and Haymarket parking garages.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

TBD — Check-in at Westbrook Music Building (WMB)

Check in outside WMB to pick up your name badge, lanyard and football ticket(s) if purchased. Flagline members will pick up their flags when they check in outside WMB. If you checked in on Friday night you can skip this line.

Reserved instruments can picked up in the cage (basement of WMB).

Halftime music, along with fight songs, will be provided via pdf, only to those who have registered. The email with the download link and password will come approximately two weeks in advance. You MUST bring your music with you as it will not be provided.

Once checked in, you must wear your lanyard as this is needed for entry into WMB and onto Tom Osborne field. You can only enter WMB through the northeast doors to pass security. Other doors are locked for security of the building and safety of the students. Only registered alumni will be on the security list. Family and guests will not be allowed in the building.

TBD — Indoor Meeting & Rehearsal at 130 WMB

  • Instrumentalists will stay in 130 WMB to rehearse music.
  • Flagline and Twirlers meet outside WMB to walk to Memorial Stadium where they’ll meet with the captain/rank leaders of the current flagline to learn the routine.

TBD — Field Rehearsal at Memorial Stadium

Wait in the stands or sideline until your section is called to the field. Once placed, the Alumni Band will exit the field to practice the entrance and exit from the field for halftime, as well as practice our music with the current band. This rehearsal should last about one hour.

3:30 PM — (Optional) Pre-Game Lunch at Ridnour Room

Due to the late start of the game, the usual post-game party is instead a late lunch catered by Hy-Vee. Alumni and their guests are welcome to attend. Cost at the door is $10/person. Menu includes burgers, potato salad, coleslaw, cookie, soda/water.

TBD — Indoor Rehearsal at WMB

  • Instrumentalists meet back in room 130 WMB for a final rehearsal of the music.
  • Flagline and Twirlers  meet outside Kimball Recital Hall for final rehearsal.

TBD — Line up east of WMB

Line up in front of WMB in parade formation to march down to Memorial Stadium. We will leave after the CMB outdoor concert (approximately 6:00 PM).

TBD — Game and Performance at Memorial Stadium

When not performing, the Alumni Band will sit on the sidelines on the East side of the field. We will work with the Band and Athletic departments to be able to play a couple of times during the game, but please be aware that this may not be possible. Each game is scripted as to what is played on Husker Vision and when the band can play. Because of limited seating, only performing alumni will be able to sit in the chairs on the sidelines.

Post Game on Tom Osborne Field

Following the game, the alumni band will line up on the field to march back to WMB following the CMB’s post game performance. Alumni flagline will line up behind the current UNL flagline to perform with them for the CMB post game performance.

RULES, REGULATIONS, and other important information

WMB and room 130 will be locked during the game. You are welcome to leave personal items there while at the game. If you must leave the game early, enter through the northeast doors to pass security and locate the building monitor to enter room 130. If you rented an instrument, there will be no one at the cage to return the instrument to and you will be responsible to return it after the game.

FOR THE SAFETY OF THE BUILDING AND IT’S OCCUPANTS, do NOT open doors for entry into WMB. All current band members, staff and alumni must enter through the northeast doors ONLY. The University Police Department has put security into place for the building and we must abide by their security requirements.

Performing alumni are issued a lanyard with a field pass in their registration packet. YOU MUST WEAR YOUR FIELD PASS AT ALL TIMES! Any person sitting with the Alumni Band without a field pass will be asked to leave immediately by Memorial Stadium Security. Non-performing alumni, spouses, children, or guests must pay for a ticket and sit in the stands.

As a reminder, when you participate with the Alumni Band, you agree to abide by the bylaws of the UNL Band Alumni Association, Inc., and the rules of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln relating to conduct in Memorial Stadium and building security in WMB. If you fail to follow the University rules, you could be asked to leave the facility.

*Please note that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reserves the right to examine the contents of any container brought into the stadium.

The following items are prohibited in Memorial Stadium: Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, bags larger than security tubs, coolers, chair backs, noise makers (other than your instrument), glass bottles, cans, video cameras, banners/flags on poles (flagline excluded), use of selfie sticks and open umbrellas. Consideration of other spectators is expected. With the passage of the concealed weapons law in the state of Nebraska, fans are reminded that concealed weapons are not allowed on the UNL campus and are prohibited at all collegiate sporting events. At the discretion of game management, other items are subject to being prohibited. For a complete list, visit Smoking is NOT permitted in Memorial Stadium. This includes electronic cigarettes or other forms of electronic smoking.

In case of emergencies in Memorial Stadium or to report a disturbance in your area, send a SMS text message to 69050, keyword UNLPD. Then type in your complaint and location. Standard text message rates will apply.

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