Have you wondered the story behind the UNL Band Alumni Association logo? In 2019, we redesigned our logo as a circle, creating unity with our generations while the calligraphy-style “N” honors our past.

University of Nebraska Band Alumni Association, Inc.

A search through the yearbooks brought up some pictures of the band and of Gamma Lambda. In 1931, the first image of the band sweater was found. The original sweater had the traditional shako hat with a calligraphy-style “N” on it.

Group of men wearing sweaters
Gamma Lambda 1931 from the UNL Yearbook

By 1939, the hat was replaced with just the “N” as the band letter. It appears for many years as a white “N” on red sweaters to a red “N” on white sweaters.

Gamma Lambda 1939 from the UNL Yearbook

By 1940, the “N” became simplified, and the horizontal bars were gone, but the calligraphy-styled “N” was still used. You can view an example of the chenille band letter on display at Westbrook Music Building used during the 1941 Rose Bowl.

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Thanks for the background info on the BAA “N”. I hadn’t seen the Gamma Lambda member photos. Any chance of red ‘T’ shirts with the white “N” ?

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