Story Spotlight Series!

This year, we will be collecting stories, from current CMB members, as well as from alumni, in an effort to connect the band community more, as well as share memories with each other. Recently, a story was submitted by a current CMB member, Geli Gonzalez. I hope it brings a smile to your face, and brings you some happiness during this week.

I have so many great memories from CMB, but what happened at our last home football game against the Rutgers has struck a chord in my heart. We had just gotten back in the stands from halftime and a young boy and his mother were coming up the stands. He stopped suddenly in front of Colleen Hacker (front left, white sunglasses) and wanted her to play for him. She gladly accepted his request and played a bit of one of our fight songs, which brought him such excitement. I was smiling widely throughout the whole interaction and when him and his mother were moving up the stairs, I waved and said hi to him. I wasn’t expecting him to stop and ask me (far right, sunglasses) to play, even identifying my instrument (the clarinet). I went ahead and played the melody to Dear Old Nebraska U for him, and he asked Trenton Buhr (center saxophone) to play for him too. It was honestly the best part of that whole football game, and I’m so happy I got to share this moment with some of my fellow CMB members. This little boy reminded me how much music can make an impact on people and bring such joy into one moment.




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