Message from Tony Falcone!

Greetings CMB Alumni!

Summer is winding down and our sights are set squarely on the 2017-18 Cornhusker Marching Band season. We have some fun things planned, including our Alumni Reunion Weekend which kicks of the year at our first game on September 2.

Last season started with a bang with five consecutive performance weekends including our full band trip to Northwestern. October and November were a little more sane and featured an exhibition performance at the NSBA State Marching Band Contest Lincoln site at Seacrest Field. Our trip to Nashville for the Music City Bowl was a lot of fun, and for the second year in a row we added a new Bowl to our long and prestigious list. It was a special treat for me when former Director Craig Cornish visited our rehearsal at MacGavock HS in Nashville. It filled up my heart standing in front of the Cornhusker Band with him once more!

I hope you’ll all be able to join us for the Alumni Reunion. The BAA has some cool new things planned, and as always it’ll be a great time catching up with our fellow Bandsmen from across the decades. I have a special remembrance of Mike Veak in mind for our halftime performance (if I can pull it off…) The deadline is fast approaching, so don’t miss out!

Thanks and GO BIG RED!

Tony Falcone

Register before August 20!

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4 Responses to Message from Tony Falcone!

  1. Kevin Kaisershot says:

    The registration form dead ends at the payment page not allowing me to register. I plan to perhaps attend the Apothecary lunch by purchasing ticket(s) at the door. This is not presented as an option and as a result if everything up to that point adds up to .00 the registration dead ends as “not a valid value” or some such nonsense. As a result, I cannot complete the registration process.

  2. Dwight Overturf says:

    As 64 grad (zoology/chemistry) from UNL and 60-64 member of marching and concert bands I sure would before I no longer can come to reunions be able to hear once more on a game day , BAA, the famous Sousa march we played entering from the endzone, all 120 of us, the march “Entry of the Gladiators”.I am sure it had secret implications that Lentz and Snider had in mind about the “gladiator ” contest the band was entering into.I would sure like to hear it once more….Dwight Overturf,RPh, and 64 grad and also Vietnam era veteran.

    • Nicole C says:

      Thanks! We have been discussing ideas at our board meeting and will hopefully incorporate this tune or others during reunion weekend.

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