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There are three special acknowledgements this year for the UNL Band Alumni. First, it is the 40th anniversary of the Flagline. Second, the first appearance of the Alumni Band on the field came at the BAA’s second reunion, held September 19-20, 1975, with 120 in attendance. Finally, Jack Snider passed away this year. (Here’s a little secret: the half-time music will pay tribute to Jack.) We would like to pay tribute to all of these at our Friday night reunion kick-off party.

To pay tribute to all three of these events, we need your photos. To share your photos, email them as attachments to the appropriate address below. Do NOT write anything in the body of the message as it will be lost. ONLY attachments will upload, so please name photos with the year included. Please have your photos emailed by August 21, 2015, to give us enough time to put them together in slide show. We’ll post the show after the reunion for those unable to make it to the reunion.

FLAGLINE:  Email to upload.UNL_Fla.hk3jcsmlfg@u.box.com. We’d love to see uniforms, rank or line photos, candid shots, etc.

ALUMNI BAND: Email to upload.UNL_BAA.4y7j7bbr9m@u.box.com. Looking for pictures of the alumni band on the field or playing on the sideline. If you have rank alumni shots, SPAM Band or other “ensembles” that works, too.

JACK SNIDER:  Email to upload.UNL_Jac.t2lwhiufsd@u.box.com. Photos of people with Jack, Jack in action, Jack’s boys, etc.

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