Board of Directors & Officers

There are five positions for the Board of Directors. Each Board Member is a Charter, Life or Succeeding-paid Member of the Band Alumni Association. Each member serves a three-year term in office. At the end of the term, the Board Member may be re-elected by the voting members of the Band Alumni Association to fulfill another term.

Elected Board of Directors

Directors whose term expires in 2019

Erin Thomas (Drumline, 2000-2004)
Julie Duensing
(Alto Sax, 1986-1990)

Directors whose term expires in 2020

Amy Pettit (Piccolo, 2010-2014)
Ranelle Maltas (Flagline, 1987-1991)
Chuck Teutsch
 (Tenor Sax, Snare, Drum Major, 1969-1973)

The elected Board Members appoint each of the Officers to serve an unlimited term. The original and required offices include President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Executive Secretary-General Manager, and Treasurer. Additional offices have been added to meet our growing needs.


Steve Pearson (Alto Sax, 1987-1991)

Frank Stroup (Trumpet, 2010-2014)

Executive Secretary / General Manager
Nikki Csipkes (Pit Percussion/Drumline, 2000-2004)

Recording Secretary
Molly Boyd (Alto Sax, 2002-2006)

Carissa Vinovskis (Drumline/Front Ensemble, 2011-2014)

Elizabeth Chase (Piccolo, 1988-1994)

Membership Coordinator
Jenny Hascall (Trumpet, Drum Major, 2000-2004)
Pam Kunzman (Tenor Sax, 1977-1981)

Development Officer
Bob Snider (Drumline, 1972-1975)

Website Host
Jeff DeLong (Horn/Drumline, 1988-1992)