Board of Directors & Officers

There are five positions for the Board of Directors. Each Board Member is a Charter, Life or Succeeding-paid Member of the Band Alumni Association. Each member serves a three-year term in office. At the end of the term, the Board Member may be re-elected by the voting members of the Band Alumni Association to fulfill another term.

Elected Board of Directors

Meet your Board of Directors

Directors whose term expires in 2025

Dan Iverson (Trombone, 2015-2020)
Julie Duensing
(Alto Sax, 1986-1990)

Directors whose term expires in 2023

Amy Pettit (Piccolo, 2010-2014)
Ranelle Maltas (Flagline, 1987-1991) Vice President of Technology National Association of Alumni Bands
Chuck Teutsch
 (Tenor Sax, Snare, Drum Major, 1969-1973)

The elected Board Members appoint each of the Officers to serve an unlimited term. The original and required offices include President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Executive Secretary-General Manager, and Treasurer. Additional offices have been added to meet our growing needs.


Meet your Officers

Steve Pearson (Alto Sax, 1987-1991)

Frank Stroup (Trumpet, 2010-2014)

Executive Secretary / General Manager
Nikki Csipkes (Pit Percussion/Drumline, 2000-2004)

Recording Secretary
Molly Boyd (Alto Sax, 2002-2006)

Carissa Birznieks (Drumline/Front Ensemble, 2011-2014)

Elizabeth Chase (Piccolo, 1988-1994)

Membership Coordinator
Pam Kunzman (Tenor Sax, 1977-1981)

Website Host
Jeff DeLong (Horn/Drumline, 1988-1992)