1. The first year a person is no longer enrolled in any ensemble of the University of Nebraska Band, their annual dues are waived. This may not necessarily be their first year after graduation.
  2. Annual dues are $25 per year to become a Succeeding Member or $40 per year for married couples.
  3. To become a Life Member, dues are a one time fee of $500, or you can pay $150 installments over four consecutive years.
  4. Honorary members are voted upon by the Board of Directors.


Members of the BAA, have one vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the membership during the Annual Business Meeting which is held during the Reunion Weekend. This meeting gives the Board of Directors a chance to update members on various events held throughout the year in support of the University of Nebraska Bands and for current BAA Members. An update of the BAA financial status (operating and trust funds) is also provided to the membership. Elections are held for board members whose terms have expired.

Current BAA members are eligible to participate in the Reunion Weekend activities and other events sponsored by the BAA throughout the year. They are also eligible to be a part of special committees.