2015 Reunion Thanks!

Thank you to all who attended the 2015 UNL Band Alumni Reunion Weekend! It was incredible to have a record number of alumni marching. We hope everyone had a great time!

Huge thank you to the BAA board members and officers who worked many hours behind the scenes to make the reunion a success!

Special thanks to the following people for their help:

  • Rose Johnson and Jan Deaton for the music, handling instrument rentals, and coordinating with the Athletic Department.
  • Alyssa Wilhelm, director of bands at Lincoln Southwest High School and Jenn Ault, LSW color guard instructor for extra flag poles.
  • Bill Maltas for bringing ice for the post game party.
  • Tom Montgomery and Kevin Damke for staying to the bitter end to clean up after the post game party.

Below are the slideshows that were shown at the Friday night dinner, the band staff speeches, and the halftime show. Thanks to Ranelle Maltas for putting these together! Enjoy!

Jack Snider tribute

40 years of Alumni Band

Flagline tribute

UNL vs BYU Halftime show by Kathy Wait Bjorklund

Dr. Richmond, Dr. Barber and Tony speak at Friday night meeting

We hope to see all of you at the reunion in 2016! Go Big Red!

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Football Tickets

We were able to order 50 single tickets this year from the Athletic Department. We have sold all of them as of today! We apologize but we cannot accept any more ticket requests. If you are still planning to register, please keep this in mind. Thank you!

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We need your photos

There are three special acknowledgements this year for the UNL Band Alumni. First, it is the 40th anniversary of the Flagline. Second, the first appearance of the Alumni Band on the field came at the BAA’s second reunion, held September 19-20, 1975, with 120 in attendance. Finally, Jack Snider passed away this year. (Here’s a little secret: the half-time music will pay tribute to Jack.) We would like to pay tribute to all of these at our Friday night reunion kick-off party.

To pay tribute to all three of these events, we need your photos. To share your photos, email them as attachments to the appropriate address below. Do NOT write anything in the body of the message as it will be lost. ONLY attachments will upload, so please name photos with the year included. Please have your photos emailed by August 21, 2015, to give us enough time to put them together in slide show. We’ll post the show after the reunion for those unable to make it to the reunion.

FLAGLINE:  Email to upload.UNL_Fla.hk3jcsmlfg@u.box.com. We’d love to see uniforms, rank or line photos, candid shots, etc.

ALUMNI BAND: Email to upload.UNL_BAA.4y7j7bbr9m@u.box.com. Looking for pictures of the alumni band on the field or playing on the sideline. If you have rank alumni shots, SPAM Band or other “ensembles” that works, too.

JACK SNIDER:  Email to upload.UNL_Jac.t2lwhiufsd@u.box.com. Photos of people with Jack, Jack in action, Jack’s boys, etc.

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Meet Our Current Board Members and Officers!

Meet our Current Board Members!

Board Members serve a two year term and are elected by the membership at the annual meeting the Friday night of our reunion weekend. 

Julie Duensing

Julie Duensing

Julie Duensing, 2014-2016 term

Alto Sax, 1986-1990

Favorite memory: Run on for pre-game, freshmen year.  In AWE!!!!!

Why I serve: Because I feel at home with the people in the band! They are my PEOPLE!

Fun tidbits: There are many stories I can’t tell in public, but ask Chris Schuttler about La Bougerie in New Orleans and jello wrestling (things that make you go hmm?)

Ranelle Maltas

Ranelle Maltas

Ranelle (Luthy) Maltas, 2013-2015 term

Flagline, 1987-1991

Favorite show: the Swing show my freshman year. We performed it at the Fiesta Bowl, too.

Favorite memory #1:  Standing on the field at attention during band camp and realizing the people around me cared as much about marching band as I did. I found my “people.” They are still some of my best friends today. They “get” me. I also met and married my best friend, Bill Maltas (alto sax). We have two boys, Ian and Zane.

Favorite memory #2:  Looking out into the stadium from the tunnel that first game. It was my first Husker game ever. It was awe-inspiring.

Why I serve: I serve on the Board because I believe we are continuing to build life-long memories and friendships for the current band and our alumni. I got so much from being a member of the band, I want to give back. I have made many new friends from being on the Board with different people and have gotten to know many other new alumni from different eras.

Chuck Teutsch

Chuck Teutsch

Chuck Teutsch, 2013-2015 term

Tenor Sax, Snare Drum, head Drum Major 1969-1973

Favorite Memories:  Watching the 1970-71 National Championship seasons unfold right in front of our eyes!  Traveling with the band to the 1971 “Game of the Century” in Norman, OK, as well as all of the other Big 8 stadiums!

Fun Fact:  I lived in all-male Abel Hall (room 1304) for all four years, and seeing Johnny Rodgers coming down the hall to the showers with only a towel over his shoulder was quite a sight!

Why I serve:  I was privileged to be one of “Jack’s Boys”, the 180 member all-male band led by the late Jack Snider.  I hope future generations get as much out of band as I did, and the BAA strengthens the current CMB!

Erin Thomas

Erin Thomas

Erin Thomas, 2015-2016 term

Drumline, 2000-2004

My band story: I came to the CMB exhibition performances as a high school student and remember thinking, “I have to be in this band!” I was in the pit percussion for two years and played cymbals for three years. I was fortunate enough to get to play with my best friend in the pit, and later I met my future husband in the drumline. The CMB is one of the highlights of my college experience.

Favorite shows: My first show, “The Fiddler on the Roof” in 2000, will always be a great memory. It was amazing to perform such fun music in front of an excited stadium of fans. I’ll also always remember the first show we performed after September 11, 2001. The game was rescheduled for a Thursday night and we performed beautiful versions of “Amazing Grace” and “God Bless the USA.” The crowd was so quiet throughout our entire performance but they erupted into a standing ovation when we finished. It was incredible.

Why I serve: Marching band was so important to me while I was in college and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I hope to help CMB alumni stay connected, relive memories, and form new memories by performing again with the current band.

Jodi Alva

Jodi Alva

Jodi Alva, 2013-2015 term

Piccolo, 1992-1995

I joined band for two reasons. One was, coming from a small town, I felt that I would get to know more people sooner that loved music as much as me. It was particularly challenging because I only had 35 students in my grades 7-12 band at my school. Because we were small, I had only play the flute and had never field marched. To come to the university that first day and memorize the music, play the piccolo for the first time, and learn to read charts for my first show was pretty overwhelming, but also incredible. The second reason is that my grandpa was a lifelong Husker fan and he thought it would be neat if he could watch me march on the field. By the time I made the band, he was not in good health, but made it up to his seats to watch me March my first pre-game and halftime show. That game was the last one he was able to attend.

Why I serve: I am currently a board member as well as maintaining the BAA music and materials. It is fun to get together as a group to provide activities for both the current and alumni bands. Go big red!

Meet our current Officers!

Officers are appointed by the elected board members to serve an unlimited term.

Colin McAcy

Colin McAcy

Collin McAcy, Membership Coordinator since winter 2014

Drumline (Front Ensemble), 2008-2011

Rank Leader 2010-2011

Favorite Show: 9/11 Tribute – Extremely moving arrangements of The Star-Spangled Banner, Amazing Grace, and Proud to be an American coupled with a truly epic timpani part to end the show easily make this my favorite CMB performance.

Favorite Memory:  My first halftime performance was also my first Husker game ever.  The sheer energy and intensity in the stadium – as well as being blown away by the folks in the stands actually listening to you, unlike my time in high school band – made for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Why I serve on the board: I want to do everything I can to help future members find their experiences with the CMB just as fulfilling and uplifting as I found mine.  After everything the CMB did for me, I wanted to make sure I could give back.

Nikki Csipkes

Nikki Csipkes

Nikki Csipkes, Executive Secretary/General Manager since summer 2014 (pictured on right)

Pit Percussion/Drumline, 2000-2004

Favorite show: It was Fiddler on the Roof in 2000 and I played xylophone beside my best friend. We had so much fun playing the music and adding visuals!

My favorite part of game day: march down because of the buzz of excitement in the air, and it was just a blast!

Why I serve: I have served in three positions on the BAA board- Recording Secretary, Vice President, and now General Manager. The CMB meant a lot to me in college and I want to ensure that the program continues to thrive so that new members of the CMB can have the best experience possible as well!

Molly Boyd

Molly Boyd

Molly Boyd, Recording Secretary since 2011

Alto Sax, 2002-2006

My band story: My dad and love of music are the reasons I joined the marching band.  My dad played alto sax in the marching band and he would always return for Band Alumni Day.  I remember going with him to one of those days my senior year in high school, seeing the band on the field, and thinking next year that is going to be me.  I did not go to UNL my freshman year, but because they let in students from other colleges back then, I was able to attend Nebraska Wesleyan and audition (and join!) the CMB.  I transferred to UNL the following year, and marching band had a lot to do with it.  My favorite show was my first one when we played the music of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.  I was not familiar with this band, but the music was memorable and fun to play.  Marching band was my favorite class, and I met so many new friends because of it.  Now dad and I come back every year for Band Alumni Day to play, march, and see old friends.

Why I serve: I currently serve as the recording secretary for the BAA.  Having the chance to be a part of and serve something I care about so much helps satisfy my love of music and marching band camaraderie.

Jenny Hascall

Jenny Hascall

Jenny Johannes Hascall, Membership Coordinator since winter 2014

Trumpet in C-Rank & drum major, 2000-2004

Favorite show: “Fiddler on the Roof “ was my first field show, so it will always be my favorite.

Highlights: Participating in the Cornhusker Marching Band and being able to experience such things as the Rose Bowl Parade was one of the highlights of my college career.   The band experience taught me leadership skills I carry today.

Why I serve: It feels good to be involved in the UNL Band Alumni Association.  The organization is filled with great people, and I hope we can work together to benefit the current students of the band in multiple ways.  I want their experience to be a great one!

Tom Kallman

Tom Kallman

Tom Kallman, Vice President since winter 2014

Trombone, 1981-1984

Favorite Show/Memory: The big band show when I got to dance the Jitterbug with the flag corps!





Elizabeth Chase

Elizabeth Chase

Elizabeth Chase, Historian

Piccolo 1988-1994

Favorite memory: Seeing my name on the roster the Sunday of cuts. Not believing I was making a long-time dream come true.  Obviously the pre-game run on is highly memorable too (who doesn’t have that as their #1 memory of being part of the Marching Red?).  Another favorite memory was the Fiesta Bowl parade in Phoenix ‘89-’90 and seeing my family along the route cheering us on. It was special to be able to share my band experience with close family members who live in Phoenix and who would not otherwise have the chance to see me march in Lincoln.

Why I serve: Because I want to give back to something that gave me so much.

Jeff DeLong

Jeff DeLong

Jeff DeLong, Webmaster

Years in Band: 1988 – 1992

Instrument in Band: 1988 – Horn & 1989-1992 – Drumline / Cymbals

Favorite Show and/or Memory of Being in the CMB: 1988’s Spanish Show – Malaguena, Spain, and Children of Sanchez. This was the show we took to the Orange Bowl. We had an impromptu battle of the bands with Miami while waiting to march in the parade. Our rendition and performance of Malaguena pushed them 10 feet back and our drumline dominated. Great feeling to have in your first year with the marching red. Every year following I never lost the feeling that I was part of something special.

Why I Serve the BAA: I was fortunate to have an incredible five years with the marching band. I continue to serve to give back to an organization filled with rich tradition and great memories. The Tradition Continues…

Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson, President since 2001

Alto Sax, 1987-1991

About Steve: He is the Event Services Manager for the Lied Center for Performing Arts, where he has worked since 2010.  In his role with the BAA, he is in charge of securing venues for our Friday night dinner and post-game party, making catering arrangements for the dinner, arranging speakers for the dinner, and providing leadership on issues throughout the year as directed by the board. He played in the men’s basketball pep ban from the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1992.  He was a member of both the Misty’s and Grandmother’s pep bands.  Steve is married to fellow band alum Liz Whitney Pearson (Trombone 1987-1989) and they have a 9 year old daughter, Ava.

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Consider a donation today!

Please consider donating to the Jack R. Snider Band Alumni Association Fund! We hope to give scholarships to Cornhusker Marching Band members starting this fall. There are many amazing students in the band and the story below highlights one of those students. There is a DONATE NOW links to the right of the screen on the main page that will allow you to make an easy and secure donation to the fund. Thank you for your consideration!

My name is Brian Edwards and I am a clarinet player in the Cornhusker Marching Band and Big Red Express. Getting a scholarship to play music for one of the most well-known and respected organizations in the country would mean a lot to me. I started playing the clarinet in the 5th grade. I chose the instrument because it looked cool and I had also missed the intro to each instrument the day or two before. I was planning on quitting after my 6th grade year because I was no longer interested in playing. Luckily, my band director at the time said we could work out a deal so I could be in the classes I wanted to be in and still play music. I agreed to the deal and could not be happier. I went into high school as one of the strongest members of the band, having my music memorized before many of my peers did even though they had been in band longer than I had. I became a section leader my sophomore year and came back to do it my junior year. I was also involved in Wind Ensemble and absolutely loved it! My senior year I became drum major of my high school band while also taking part in wind ensemble. I wasn’t quite sure going into my freshman year of college if I still wanted to march or not. I auditioned and thought, “If I don’t make it it’s not a big deal. I just really want to get into pep band.” Immediately I made many great connections with the people around me in the clarinets who were auditioning. I ended up making the Cornhusker Marching Band and it was one of my proudest moments. There is something about getting to practice in Memorial Stadium every day that sends chills down your spine. As we all know, game days are special too. I cannot describe the true atmosphere and how special it is to play in front of 90,000+ people each home game. It is truly and honor and a privilege. To close, being able to receive a scholarship for something I truly love and care about would mean the world to me. I don’t get any scholarships from UNL and it would help me pay my way through college. I am also not getting any guidance from my parents and am having to pay for everything by myself. Thank you for your time and for listening to our stories!

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